Kung Fu Boogie characters are sold in ‘blind bag’ collectibles, so you never know who you’ll get! Each high-quality template assembles into a cool 3D paper toy that comes to life through the FREE app! These toys won’t be gathering dust on your shelf!

Your dance fighters are easy to assemble — no scissors, glue or tape required. Once built, grab your phone or tablet, and watch your AR fighters rise above your toys!

Set the stage on your table, or on the floor! This augmented reality dance game goes wherever you do. A funky, fun, non-violent dance battle that is driven by boogie funk music. Be quick, be clever, and be ready for anything!

Through AR, each one of these paper toy characters come to life. Whose powers fits you best? From the mysterious Alchemy to the playful Pinball to the Godfather of Kung Fu Boogie, Chuck Lee! Dance battle all 10 to discover their unique abilities!

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